Musical worlds collide when Li'l Wally, the 69 year old World's Polka King, teams up with polka punk band, The Polkaholics, for a concert in a Chicago bar.

For Don Hedeker, leader of the guitar-toting group scorned by the Polka establishment, this "transgenerational happening" provides validation by none other than the Polka Hall of Fame's first inductee.

For Li'l Wally, it's an opportunity to temporarily escape retirement in Miami and play a homecoming show in the neighborhood where his career began over sixty years ago.

Bonded by their musical addiction, this unlikely duo take the Windy City by storm in a week of funny and bizarre adventures both on stage and off.

"Polkaholics" is the first feature by Wes Hranchak. This portrait of a self-proclaimed "old man with young ideas," reveals Li'l Wally to be a polkameister with a rock and roll soul.