Polka Pain Relief and Management

For millions, polka dancing is a source of great pleasure. However, it also makes extraordinary demands on the body.

The accumulated stress nights of partying puts on polka dance enthusiasts' bodies often produces injuries and pain that could last weeks, months or possibly a lifetime.

Refusing to sit at the sidelines and recuperate from their injuries, some polka lovers try to dance through their pain. This can result in even more serious injuries involving joints or muscles called up to compensate for damaged body parts.

At the first sign a body part is injured, elevate it and apply an ice pack to reduce swelling and inflammation. If something feels broken, misaligned or torn seek a professional diagnosis immediately.

Whether it's aching, sharp, dull, burning, stabbing, pounding, throbbing or shooting--pain is a warning sign that something's wrong in your body.

How we perceive its intensity and respond varies considerably from person to person. In fact, accurately quantifying these sensations is one of the things that makes pain management so difficult for pain relief doctors and healers.

While describing pain is as personal as the experience itself, labeling it with terms like arthritis, migraine headache, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ, herniated disc, bursitis, tendonitis, fibromyalgia, sciatica, whiplash and chronic back pain helps define its location and cause.

Whatever you call it, there's one thing all sufferers agree on--the desire for relief.

Hopefully, with sufficient rest, you'll recover fully from your injuries. Unfortunately, pain can linger, particularly if its cause is organic rather than an injury.

Traditionally, the options offered by the medical establishment for pain management have been surgery and drug therapies.

The unpredictable yet permanent impact surgery can have on your body makes this a risky, last resort alternative in most cases. There's no turning back after back surgery.

Despite the invasive nature of surgery and its complications, its success rate is low. For example, studies have shown that the effectiveness of back surgery diminishes with each successive operation.

As for pharmaceuticals, many commonly prescribed drugs can be just plain hard to swallow. Long term use of analgesics and anti-inflammatories can cause health problems like digestive disorders and liver damage.

With options like these, it's clear why millions have sought natural, drugless pain management from alternative medicine doctors and healers.

Unfortunately, all too often, people seeking pain management and relief in alternative medicine therapies fall victim to self-proclaimed healers who misrepresent their qualifications and competency.

Besides exploiting patients, these opportunists compromise the reputations of certified professionals in Acupuncture, Chiropractic and Naprapathy who offer legitimate, licensed pain relief treatments.

No one would consider flying in a plane with a pilot whose license was revoked. Or being represented by a lawyer who couldn't pass the bar exam. Yet hundreds of thousands of pain sufferers unwittingly submit to treatments by unregulated alternative healers with no state certification.

Pain Relief Professionals is an alternative medicine resource that can help you avoid a mistake that might relieve you of your money but not your pain. It connects those seeking pain relief to a continually growing list of state licensed practitioners of alternative medicine therapies. Check it out and find the relief you need to get back on the dance floor.