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Be sure to say "hello" to The Polkaholics--Dandy Don Hedeker, Jumpin' George Kraynak and Merry Mike Werner--at the polka punk band's site. Hear their music, learn where to see them, read a sample of the Polka Scene Zine or order their CD (a second one's coming out soon).

Another musical ball Don Hedeker has in the air is his second group, Bouncing Balls, which plays punk without the polka.

The International Polka Association's site explains the organization's history and that of the Polka Hall of Fame. Membership is only $15, which entitles you to vote for the next Hall of Fame inductees! Just don't try to drop in on the IPA at the address listed on their site--they've recently moved and are getting settled.

Li'l Wally's song, "God Bless Our Polish Pope," struck a chord with Papal Polkaholic, Pope John Paul II. Rumor has it that the song help the top spot on the Vatican City charts longer than any other single (Madonna's "Like A Virgin" is a distant second). The Li'l one has performed for the Pope on two occasions, once during a 2 hour concert at the Vatican.

Besides being a legendary showman, Li'l Wally also has many business interests. One of these is Li'l Wally Fun Vacations. If his schedule permits, he promotes this enterprise to the corporate market with a personal appearance at The Motivation Show, held annually in Chicago.

When Li'l Wally tours Chicago, he often calls Thriftlodge home. The adjoining lounge, Darlin's, is a great place to unwind after a night of polka. If you qualify, be sure to ask about the senior citizen discount.

Krystyna Teller, editor of Polish Suburban News, makes a brief but critical appearance in "Polkaholics." The publication recently broadened its market appeal with a name change to Polish News.