The Zakopane Lounge, at 1734 West Division Street in Chicago, was the site of Li'l Wally's historic concert with polka punk band, The Polkaholics. (Ironically, it's next door to the Alliance Bakery, which is owned by Don Hedeker's sister, Heidi. Small world, huh?)

This tavern is located directly across the street from where Li'l Wally began his career over 60 years ago, singing at a bar called The Lucky Stop (which was recently turned into a sushi bar).

Back then, this entire stretch of Division Street was crowded with 50 or so honky tonks and was known as "Polish Broadway." Today, the Zakopane Lounge is only Polish bar left on the strip.

If you're not a regular, stopping inside for a beer could be a bit intimidating. But on the web, it's as easy as clicking on the door.